Caitlyn Jenner’s 15 Darkest Secrets Revealed


2. Late Night Cross Dressing Sessions

When Caitlyn came out to her family just before the transition, some of them had known about her desire to dress as a woman for years. Kim Kardashian once walked in on Bruce Jenner wearing a dress more than a decade ago. In a televison interview, Kendall Jenner remembered getting up during the night and finding her father wearing womens clothes. She said “I just feel bad, like, if that’s what really makes her happy, that she had to sneak around at 4am because she didn’t want to scare me and Kylie.”

  • Joan

    big deal…..he will always be XY…doesn’t matter what he wears. When you have to have counselling for so long to get rid of the guilt, well seems to me if it was ‘right’ to do it, there wouldn’t have been guilt….sick sick sick. Hopefully Bruce will fade away into oblivion…and I hope the family of the person he killed, wins. He is just accountable as anyone else, I don’t care what his name. He took someones life, he needs to be held accountable for that!

  • Mark Davies

    just another stupid publicity stunt by this dysfunctional family. and IT has said IT might still have more kids