Prince Harry and the Doctor Who Girl. 15 Pics of His New Girlfriend.


  • Brettblade

    And who could blame him.

  • allcents

    prince harry???? who is he?? any relation to debbie harry by any chance????

  • Marilena Fenn

    she’s no prize beauty. just an average gal.

    • Dennis Freeman

      “just an average gal” ? If that is “average” in the UK, then I’m coming over.

      • Ha’way The Lads FTM!

        Please don’t – we’ve got enough already “coming over”!!!

      • Martin Altria

        She is not average…. she is like a 12 or higher !!! Marilena is just jealous

  • Bill Siviter

    Photo two for two obvious reasons

  • John Brown

    Not a patch on Karen Gillen.

  • sdasdasdas

    Prince Harry? – have you no shame woman – get someone with a brain.

  • Ryan Curtis

    Nice looking girl. I liked her Dr Who character and i’m not a fan of the show. However, proof positive that cash and a title opens doors.

  • Diana Allen

    You’re mother must be very proud of you the way you have been raised.

  • Martin Altria

    She is stunning and both have their hearts in the right place, I don’t know if Harry is a nobel winning genius but why does that matter if he is not ? I bet he has more character than most if not all you useless turds who just want to bad mouth the both of them !!!

  • feetlebaum

    Again with the “assistant”… Clara is The Doctor’s companion, not his assistant.

  • Keith Sh

    She has come a long way since playing a teenage Lesbian in the Yorkshire Soap Emmerdale