Prince Harry and the Doctor Who Girl. 15 Pics of His New Girlfriend.

It looks like Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are history. Recent reports in numerous newspapers are saying Harry is now seeing the very lovely Jenna Coleman. She is currently the female assistant on the long running BBC television series, Doctor Who.


We have 15 photographs of Prince Harry’s new friend. Let us know which one you like best.

  • Brettblade

    And who could blame him.

  • allcents

    prince harry???? who is he?? any relation to debbie harry by any chance????

  • Marilena Fenn

    she’s no prize beauty. just an average gal.

    • Dennis Freeman

      “just an average gal” ? If that is “average” in the UK, then I’m coming over.

      • Ha’way The Lads FTM!

        Please don’t – we’ve got enough already “coming over”!!!

      • Martin Altria

        She is not average…. she is like a 12 or higher !!! Marilena is just jealous

  • Bill Siviter

    Photo two for two obvious reasons

  • John Brown

    Not a patch on Karen Gillen.

  • sdasdasdas

    Prince Harry? – have you no shame woman – get someone with a brain.

  • Ryan Curtis

    Nice looking girl. I liked her Dr Who character and i’m not a fan of the show. However, proof positive that cash and a title opens doors.

  • Diana Allen

    You’re mother must be very proud of you the way you have been raised.

  • Martin Altria

    She is stunning and both have their hearts in the right place, I don’t know if Harry is a nobel winning genius but why does that matter if he is not ? I bet he has more character than most if not all you useless turds who just want to bad mouth the both of them !!!

  • feetlebaum

    Again with the “assistant”… Clara is The Doctor’s companion, not his assistant.

  • Keith Sh

    She has come a long way since playing a teenage Lesbian in the Yorkshire Soap Emmerdale