18 Pics of Kate and Pippa Middleton Going Head-to-Head


1. Pippa wearing a silk coat and Kate in a stunning black and white dress, attend the wedding of a close friend. Next, which one looks best at a sports event?

  • anemosUK

    Kate is prettier, and loves to show her goodies, but I think that runs in the family they both like to show flesh, as for PIPA she is really ugly and she only has an ass that turns your fantasy ON

  • Maureen Bessant

    Kate 99% Pippa 1% There is NO contest !! Pippa is too busy riding on Kate connection to the Royals !!

  • Debraannice Reed

    They are both very beautiful women. Pippa has no butt. I don’t see the huge deal being made over her backside. It is in proportion to her slight build. Some of the photos of her look like Demi Moore, who is another beautiful woman. Kate has a comfortable confidence behind her smile. She knows who she is and is walking the path she has chosen for herself. She is in a good, happy place and it shows in her face. I believe they cannot fairly be compared in beauty….they both have their own beauty.

  • PJ

    Kate always has a smile. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a pic of her with her not
    smiling. She and Pippa both are so awesome. Thanks to her parents!!!

  • Tennery Wilson


  • Jan Taylor

    They are both beautiful! Kate has that special regal look!

  • Zengirl

    Kate all day, every day!!

  • Larry W. Meeks

    Kate, absolutely, without a doubt. Beautiful woman !